SQAIRZ golf shoes: Grounded in innovation

The grip and the ground.  It’s crazy when you think about it, but there are only two touch points that golfers have that connect with their equipment and chosen field of play.  The team at SQAIRZ takes this connection with the ground very seriously, and they have become obsessed with giving golfers an alternate platform to base their swing upon and the results for many have been quite impressive — including a win by Sepp Straka at The Honda Classic on the PGA Tour this year. 

When it comes to playing a round at your local course — or hopefully on the road at one of your favorite golf stay-and-play destinations — footwear should be at the epicenter of your decision in how to maximize your game. 

Here’s what the team at SQAIRZ has done to take an item that has often been thought of in terms of fashion, but now more than ever is entering into the world of equipment.

Technology Powered Results 

As you can derive from the name of the brand, SQAIRZ golf shoes feature a squared-off toe versus the traditional more rounded off toe cap that is found throughout the category.  The SQAIRZ team discovered that not only did opening this additional space for your toes provide more room and enhanced comfort to golfers, but it also created the opportunity for enhanced stability giving your feet better ground reaction force which ultimately leads to increased swing speed by freeing your body up to move more freely. 

As the game continues to evolve and players become more athletic and hit the ball further than ever before, teachers and golfers alike have begun to understand the power of using the ground to help generate speed in your golf swing.  That connection is vital, and never was this more evident than on the 18th hole at The Honda Classic where Sepp Straka stepped on the tee and ripped a bomb down the middle with rain coming down in wet conditions. It set him up to hit the par-5 in two and two-putt for birdie to seal the deal on his first PGA Tour win. 

This combination of comfort and performance is ideal for any golfer, and with it being built for performance under any and all playing conditions it makes the shoe versatile for any environment.

Additional Benefits of SQAIRZ Shoes 

SQAIRZ also offers golfers free replacement spikes for the life of your shoes.  You can replace them as often as you like, and you only pay a small shipping and handling fee should you choose to upgrade your spikes. 

SQAIRZ also puts their money where its mouth is as it provides golfers with a 30-day money-back guarantee.  Should you not love the way that these golf shoes perform, you can send them back for a full refund and are only subject to a small shipping charge. SQAIRZ shoes are only available to purchase online currently, so it’s a nice extra step that it takes to ensure consumer confidence in your purchase.  

The last thing to point out is sizing, as the wider toe box can have the shoes be a bit larger than you may experience in some other brands.  To assist with this, their website has a size chart with other major shoe manufacturers to offer some guidance on your shoe selection. 

Final Thoughts 

It’s been incredible to see the advances in technology that have come in the footwear category over the last decade or so, and SQAIRZ is a great example of how some outside-of-the-box thinking has created a lineup of footwear that has made an immediate impact on the golf footwear landscape.  If increased stability and more swing speed sound appealing to you, and we assume that it does, then it may be time to get a pair or two of SQAIRZ into your footwear rotation sooner rather than later.