Our difference

You play. We pay.

Yes, that’s right, we will pay you to book your dream golf trip with a GolfStayAndPlays.com partner — as our team will cover 5% of your package costs per golfer that you, the Trip Captain, bring on the trip. That’s right, if you have a group of 20 or more, the Trip Captain gets 100% off the package fees!*

So why would we do this? That’s simple — you deserve it.

It takes a tremendous amount of work to lock in the details of a golf trip, and we want to reward you for that attention to detail.

If this seems like it is too good to be true, it isn’t. We carefully select our partners so you have the best options available to you, so don’t delay! Check out more details below . . .


As a golfer, you are probably pretty good at math, but in this case, we did some simple calculations to help you understand why utilizing our partnerships with some of the world’s best courses ultimately pays off for you:

  • Book a group of 4, the Trip Captain gets 20% off of his/her package fees
  • Book a group of 8, the Trip Captain gets 40% off his/her package fees
  • Book a group of 12, the Trip Captain gets 60% off his/her package fees
  • Book a group of 16, the Trip Captain gets 80% off his/her package fees
  • Book a group of 20, the Trip Captain gets 100% off his/her package fees
  • Book more than 20 golfers, and the Trip Captain gets 100% off his/her package plus additional benefits.  For groups of this size, message us at kelly@golfstayandplays.com


Once you click on any of the links located on our “packages” page and lock in the details of your group’s trip with our partner property, please email kelly@golfstayandplays.com.  Please do not hesitate to do this as this benefit is limited to only a select number of bookers and is serviced on a first come, first serve basis.

  • Once you message kelly@golfstayandplays.com, your trip will be logged in the system and you will get a confirmation email that you will receive your 5% off per golfer benefit.
  • Once your trip is inside the cancellation window, a member of our team will call the resort and pay for the outlined percentage of your trip. 

* Package incentives are provided on a first come, first serve basis as each property has a limited amount of packages where the discount is available so act fast.  Once you lock in the confirmation of your group’s trip with one of our Partners, immediately come back and to this page and fill out this form. Packages are limited only to partners who have packages listed in our Packages section.  This discount is not available at all resorts or courses that are listed on this site. Until you receive a confirmation email from our team confirming that you will be receiving your package incentive, then your incentive is not guaranteed.  Only upon receiving the confirmation email with the details of how GolfStayAndPlays.com will pay for your portion of the trip, we will detail how that process will go for you. Some partners have asked for us to pay for you directly for your portion of the trip versus paying the resort directly.  In those instances, we will reimburse you after your trip has completed and will confirm the details of how with you via your confirmation email. If you book a group of larger than 20 golfers, message us at groups@golfstayandplays.com and we will work with you on additional incentives above and beyond paying for your 100% trip package incentive.  Please note this is only available if there is enough incentive packages still available at the property.