Why a Michigan golf vacation should be on your radar

There’s a sense of being in the Midwest that people who live there take for granted. Many of us find ourselves in heavily populated cities with a feeling of always being on-the-go that seems to turn our engines on a daily basis. That isn’t the case in Michigan. 

The people there have an appreciation for the long summer days that can only come from staring outside at snow for a number of months over the winter that makes you crave and appreciate the crisp air and lush green fairways that the summer provides.

There are so many reasons why we love Michigan as a golf destination. First there is the weather. Many parts of the country are notoriously humid and hot during the summer months. If you’re looking for a reprieve from a drenched shirt at the end of your round, then you should consider heading to Michigan where the days tend to top out in the low 80s, creating a relaxing environment for all of the golf you can play.

Another huge benefit to traveling golfers is the long days that Michigan provides, as they are perfect for filling your days with plenty of golf and other activities. The sun rises can be as early as 6 a.m. and often sunsets can be well after 9:30 p.m., so there is ample opportunity to play a morning round, enjoy a nice lunch followed by time around the pool or even a nap, and then sneak back out for a dusk patrol round to finish up your day.

Last but not least, it’s the people. There’s something about this Midwest corridor that just stands out in a major way. Every single place you go, whether it is the staff at a local restaurant, the members of the hotel team, or the PGA Golf professionals at the courses, you’ll feel a sense of being welcome in this northern sanctuary, perfect for a relaxing getaway.

Whether you are getting in a car or hopping on a plane to get to this golf mecca, here are a few of our favorite destinations that we recommend visiting:


BOYNE Golf in Michigan is one of the most unique golf destinations in the country.  With 10, yes we said 10, golf courses in their portfolio, Boyne can cater a golf vacation to golfers on any budget.  The crown jewel of the golf portfolio is Bay Harbor Golf Club, offering three 9-hole courses with various routings available.  The courses provide spectacular views along Lake Michigan that will simply take your breath away.

Overall, there are three main resort hubs at BOYNE Golf including:

All three resorts are within a short drive of each other, so you could plan a trip with all 10 courses included for the golfer who simply can’t get enough golf.  Click here to see all of the packages BOYNE Golf has to offer and while supplies last, our team will cover some of the cost of your trip to Boyne. Yes, we’re serious. Click here to learn more about how we can do that.

Forest Dunes Golf Club

Forest Dunes is an up-and-comer on the Michigan golf landscape. The course features Forest Dunes Golf Club, an 18-hole, parkland-style course that weaves throughout the Huron National Forest.  The resort also features the Loop, with the Loop-Red, and Loop-Black courses which are a truly unique experience as this Tom Doak design uses the same land for 18 holes to provide two completely different routings that is switched daily. The resort recently added a Short Course to the mix that was designed by Keith Rhebb who along with his own design firm is a valued member of the famous Coore-Crenshaw team. To close out your day, enjoy the Hilltop 18-hole putting course with a cocktail in hand to cap off an exceptional day on the course.

Arcadia Bluffs

Walk off the backside of the main clubhouse at Arcadia Bluffs and you’ll see that your trip has already paid for itself in your first 5 minutes. The resort provides golfers with three different accommodations options with the Lodge, the Bluffs Lodge, and the 4-bedroom cottages that are great for a buddies golf trip.  The lodging is somewhat limited so be sure to get on booking here well in advance, but the accommodations are all first class and well worth it.

The resort features the Bluffs Course, a phenomenal experience that features stunning vistas of Lake Michigan throughout your round and is surely an experience you won’t soon forget.  Just one mile down the road, the property offers a completely different, but equally exceptional experience on the South Course.  The course tests you from start to finish, and some of our favorite features were the rectangular greens with 90-degree angles that are reminiscent of some of the most special private courses in the country such as Chicago Golf Club.


You cannot go wrong at any of these facilities. You can put together a spectacular trip at one property in and of itself — especially at Boyne with all of the variety that they offer — or you can easily hit a couple of these properties in one trip. With more than 650 golf courses in the state, Michigan is an incredible golf destination where you and your group should consider taking your next golf travel adventure. If you need any help with maximizing your trip to Michigan, please feel free to email us at Groups@golfstayandplays.com as we’d be happy to help.