10 must-play golf courses in Tampa Bay area

The Travel Caddie calls Florida home, and a trip to the West Coast to tee it up showcases the best the state has to offer, with championship options all within an hour of the Tampa International Airport. Check out the 10 courses that the Travel Caddie considers to be must-plays.

10 must-play public golf courses in Texas

Texas is one of only five U.S. states with more than 500 public golf courses, according to the National Golf Foundation, only fewer than Michigan, Florida, California, and New York. The Travel Caddie is a frequent visitor and has 10 public courses that you should book a tee time at on your next trip to the Lone Star State.

10 of the best public golf courses in New England

From Vermont to New Hampshire to Connecticut to Massachusetts to Maine, the golf in New England is spectacular. The Travel Caddie enjoys spending the Spring and Autumn there, finding new gems around every corner. Here are the 10 best public courses to date . . .

10 ways to save money on your next golf getaway

While the Travel Caddie is not afraid to shell out some coin for the crème de la crème of golf experiences, we also love saving money whenever possible and we’ve outlined 10 of our favorite ways to do so.

11 perfect getaways for gambling — and golf

When it comes to a golf getaway with your crew, there is no doubt that finding a place with both the ability to be at an unforgettable golf course during the day followed by a nighttime filled with table games with the dice in your hand is at the top of many golfer’s “must-have” lists for a golf trip. The Travel Caddie has 11 gambling getaways that are pure jackpots.

12 incredible winter golf destinations around the world

The Travel Caddie is a globetrotter, and has come away from 2023 with the ultimate list of places to visit this winter if you still want to tee it up. And, no, the destinations aren't just in the U.S., but all would make your talk of the proverbial golf water cooler.

15 best Instagram accounts for golfers

We all waste an hour or two (or three or four or five) watching cat, stupid human tricks and golf videos on Instagram, so the Travel Caddie thought it would be wise to put together a list of some must-follows to make sure you are getting your time’s worth out of that Insta session.

18 epic PGA Championship golf courses you can play

You can't play a pick-up game at TD Garden or some backyard baseball at Yankee Stadium — but you can tee it up at 18 venues that have hosted a PGA Championship, and it won't break the bank. The Travel Caddie with the 18 major gems you can play . . .

18 must-play and memorable golf courses in Myrtle Beach

The Travel Caddie is a frequent flyer when it comes to playing golf in Myrtle Beach, as the Grand Strand offers the opportunity to get in a lot of golf in a short amount of time. Having made the trip a few times, there are 18 courses the Travel Caddie says should be on your must-play list.